Monday, 9 May 2011


Something that's just been going through my mind is that several people watching the film end up feeling quite sorry for the boy. People are reading into the story that the dad is neglecting the child rather than the dad being tired having just got in from work (or something to that effect). Are there any shortcuts to establish a relationship that makes the dad look more caring and overworked than lazy? Also, are there more ways of making this kid less likeable without changing his physique (so, no suggestions for make him fatter)

Ideally, not looking for a major overhaul but will take all opinions into consideration.

Solutions/Comments below,



  1. Could always make the kid seem spoilt brat in the start, so has 'this shiney thing' and 'this' and 'this' so he doesnt look neglected aswell as being less liked...trying to think of a better way to present a knackered dad though

  2. Hi Karl! First of all, I think the real difficult to understand this characterial nuances is the fact that we are still talking about an animatic that due to the time available might not be perfectly accurated in details.
    I think one way to make the father seem more caring about his son could be, for instance, if when he comes home, first he goes to the kid and smiles at him and gives him like sweet/playful brush on the head, you know? Something like a little gesture that make the viewer think: awwww, such a caring father!

    Then, I'd say facial expressions! From the look of a person you can tell one whole story! If you get that right, I think you won't need much more! If we can read in the father's look that he's good and tired, and in the child's look that he's basically a child (so not necessarily bad) but, like many children, a bit brat and a bit piggy (I hope I used the right world to say what I am trying to say), it might be the solution :)

    I hope I could help a bit!
    Good work!