Thursday, 2 June 2011

Final countdown

I'll be presumtipous, and say that by the time you read this I'll have less than 10 days worth of studio time left to complete my film. Next Hype!

Here's is where I'm at, so to speak:

Week 27_Transcriptions Rough Cut_Second Draft from Karl Lawson on Vimeo.

This is almost the rough cut version that I'll be sending off to my composer tomorrow (or sooner, depending on how fast I can re-shoot/tweak)

What are your favourite scenes? Is is poignant? Amusing? or just looks fun to see fully animated. Please let me know, as feedback has helped this film progress and come a long way, as you can see if you go back down through my uploads.


  1. around 1min 50 secs, where he's feeling really bad before his dad anounces the ice cream is a tinny bit too long - unless there is something in there with the audio? the bit where he bats his dads hand away is priceless! really funny stuff :)

  2. karl this is really good! this may sound really stupid but i really want to hear him licking the ice-cream and not just crunching at it at the end... it's a minor detail anyway. i love the violent vomiting noise at the end too! haha gd stuff!!