Tuesday, 5 April 2011


I'm just going to talk a bit about how I have developed my story so far.

After I chose the above painting to use as inspiration/reference, I tried to analyse it a bit. The story behind it is that the woman has traded in her virtue for wealth. I think that the painting has sexual connotations, as it seems quite moralistic and is to do with personification, also if you look closely there are two characters in the stone engraving, engaged in an amorous pose.

It's quite a small painting but if you look closely you see the woman crying. This is mimicked by the Cupid in the background. What I got from this is a story where the ends doesn't quite justify the means. This made me think of how naughty children behave, rather impulsively with little regard for consequence.

I wanted my character to initially be a portrayal of a child, who wasn't necessarily bad or good, but acted on what they wanted emotionally and thought of the repercussions at a later stage.

The basic story I came up with was a child who wanted an ice cream, but didn't have any money, so they had to steal some from their parent/sibling to buy it but then either they dropped it or ate it and felt ill.

I spoke with my tutor who suggested that the consumption of the food, then the outcome felt stronger than it just falling off the cone. Also, to decide how the audience should feel about the kid. I decided to make him less likeable than initially planned, and make him more greedy, so that his gluttony was his downfall.

I'm still a bit unsure on the ending where the boy gets his comeuppance. I have him getting ill but I'm not sure how far I should take it. On a personal level I hate the idea of vomit, and watched an Australian student film earlier this year about zits which made me feel physically ill, but Shelley Page told us to exaggerate a situation if something horrible is happening so it seems outlandish, and the feedback from the National Gallery sesh did ask for more vomit inducing food so I'll see where that goes.

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